• >> Strategic Planning

    Synergy believe having a sound business strategy is the key to business long-term success. As Synergy’s client we would help you understand your business and objective, discover any growth opportunity and strengthening their competitive advantage.

  • Initial Public Offering<<

    We provide customized services for the costumers in their course of using the capital markets, covering IPO consultancy, public/private placement of listed companies, merger & acquisition, financial advisory and asset restructuring ......

  • >> Capital Sourcing and Planning

    Our top team of professionals will help customers to design and organize an efficient, orderly and competitive private trading process...

  • Merger & Acquisition<<

    Synergy Solution helps companies improve their success rate in a M&A operation through an integrated, battle-tested approach that links acquisition strategy, due diligence and merger integration.

  • >> Restructuring Workouts

    Our investor relations (IR) management service team help the management team build mutual understandings with the investors and improve company's market value.