Real Estate Development


Our Group will continue to seek out suitable under-valued properties in China region to lease on a long-term basis. In tandem with our leasing strategy in China, our Group also intends to acquire properties and eventually become a landlord rather than a master lessee in countries where by using financial leverage in real estate acquisition may achieve positive leverage investment result after implementing our value-adding conversion.

Australia is a crucial component of the Group’s future development strategy. The Group acquired an investment property in Queensland, Australia in 2014 with the view to expand the co-listing apartment business internationally by aiming to redevelop it into service apartment hotel facilities with a total floor area of approximately 8,000 sq. m. This will facilitate us to take advantage of the increase in the number of people for long and short-term travel and live driven by outbound investment boom of PRC investors to the Australian market, and to make profits from operating revenue and assets appreciation. With the launching of such project, the Group will use such project to explore real estate private equity opportunities.
We develop such facilities to meet the rapidly expanding Australian short-term hotel market and the growing demand for short- to medium-term leases in the local market. We registered the “Golden Mango” brand in Australia and planned to operate the hotel service apartment facilities in Australia under such brand name. The Group has developed a strategy for the development of real estate investment management business and will use Australia as the main area for implementation of the model of “operation+ on balance sheet investment + investment management” of the alternative real estate assets.Operation in the pipeline
We will initially apply the raised funds to secure [‧]% interest in a new Synergy [‧] based [‧] apartment mixed used development which will be undertaken in joint venture with [‧], a active privately owned development company.
Working capital to accelerate the growth of its real estate funds management platform and its on-balance sheet development activities with a number of opportunities in progressed negotiation
Real estate investment management - value-added and opportunistic (development) investment funds services high worth, corporate and institutional investors mainly sourced outside of Australia.

SYNERGY’s Direct Investments group focuses on

• The development and execution of value added investment strategies guided by in-depth research and executed to achieve specific client objectives.

• The active management of existing assets and portfolios, including those originated by SYNERGY and those transferred to our management.

• The analysis or repositioning of property portfolios, through selective new investment or the recapitalization or disposition of existing assets.

Adopted the co-investment model in our raised fund