Co-living Space


Investment Management of Property Development Projects

In 2012, Synergy forecast rise of co-economy, especially the demand for living space in gate way cities, most of young white-collars are always seeking flexible accommodation solutions. Hence, we further added the Co-living Apartment operation and related investment management business to the business portfolio in 2012.


Our co-living apartment facilities in the PRC are offered through our “Synergy (協縱)” and “Jinmang (金芒)” brands. Our Co-living apartments, under the names of Xiezhong Apartment (協縱公 寓)and Xiezong Jinmang Apartment (協縱金芒共用公寓),are positioned to provide flexible accommodation solutions for young white-collars in Shenzhen, and to help white-collars from other cities solve the loneliness arising from working away from home, as well as to provide various social and cultural communication environment. We provide fully furnished and decorated rooms with a round-the-clock security guard and surveillance camera monitoring for our Co-living apartments.

We are managing and operating Co-living apartment facilities which comprising of apartment units in Shenzhen. Further, leveraging our ability established during our operation of Co-living apartment, we also use the our “Synergy (協縱)and Jingmang (金芒)” brands to provide outsourcing services to the third parties. We were operating Co-living apartment facilities named as Synergy Jinmang Apartment (金芒協縱公寓) comprising of sq. m. in gross floor area in Bao’an District of Shenzhen and Daxing District of Beijing, respectively. During the outsourcing operating project of Shenzhen Bao’an and Beijing Daxing, the Group provided Co-living apartment operation and property operation advisory services to two independent third parties, and assumed the main duties for the project including management, pricing, decision-making on operation, marketing and consultancy, and shared gross profit according to operating gross profit.