Capital Sourcing and Planning


Private financing is an important part of the long-term strategy of our consulting services. Most of our private financing clients are in the expansion stage or Pre-IPO stage. We can put in use our rich experience in corporate finance, along with our huge investor network (including the US dollar, Hong Kong dollar and RMB funds) to help our customers find the most suitable investors, and through creating competition among investors to ensure our customers get reasonable valuations and investment terms.

Although each private financing deal has its uniqueness, a standard private financing process will usually include the preliminary due diligence, business plan writing, financial model structures, pricing and valuation, investors selecting and contacting, due diligence by investors, negotiation of investment terms, final due diligence, deal structure design, legal documents preparation, final signing, transaction and so on. Our top team of professionals will not only help customers to design and organize an efficient, orderly and competitive private trading process, but will also be working side by side with the customers in the execution of each step to ensure the best results.